Candlelight Farm Permaculture is committed to making living sustainably easy and affordable. Located in Perth WA, we are planning consultants and environmental scientists. We design, and are able to construct, sustainable Eco and permaculture systems for domestic and commercial clients throughout Perth and surrounding areas.

1. System of sustainable perennial agriculture.
2. Design of land which incorporates all aspects of human beings and human settlements.
3. Harmonious integration of design with ecology. (perma permanent, culture agriculture).

4. The ecological design of everything.

Ross Mars

Ross Mars is a well-known educator, writer and course and workshop presenter. He completed a PhD in Environmental Science at Murdoch University in 2001. His research centred on the use of native wetland plants to strip nutrients from domestic greywater.

Ross also has qualifications in Permaculture, having achieved the first Diploma in Permaculture issued in Western Australia. He has also been awarded his Diploma of Permaculture Design, in six categories, including Site Design, Education, Media and Communications, and Administration, from Permaculture founder, Bill Mollison and the Permaculture Institute.

He has taught a large number of permaculture-related courses and workshops, including several Advanced courses in both Permaculture Design and Teaching. In recent years Ross has focused on developing permaculture gardens and education strategies within schools, and developing and installing greywater reuse systems and rainwater tank systems in and around Perth. He is Manager for Water Installations Pty Ltd in Mundaring.

Ross has developed all of the accredited permaculture training courses in partnership with Skills Strategies International (RTO Code 2401), and these are available for delivery (see About Accredited Permaculture Training).

Dr Ross Mars
B.App.Sc. (Chem), Dip Ed., B.App.Sc. (Biol, Hons), PhD (Env Sc). Dip Permaculture, Dip Irrig Management.

Jenny Mars

Jenny Mars is a primary school teacher with a passion for the environment, gardening and plants, especially herbs. Jenny also has a Diploma in Permaculture and has a particular interest in growing food to enable families to work towards supporting themselves.

Jenny is currently finishing her second degree – in Creative Writing.

Jennifer Mars B.A.
(Education, Primary), Dip Perm. Des.